Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond

An essential tool used for pregnancy, birth, infant care, physical fitness, and mental stamina.

Patent-Pending Built-in Stability

The six legs keep the ball safe and upright. It will stay stationary and sanitary because it will not roll around the room. The legs also double as handles making it easy to carry, especially when holding a baby.

Prenatal Comfort

Take the weight off and release the tension in your lower back throughout your second and third trimester

The Original and Only Birth Ball

Made for Mamas, By Mamas

Baby Bump Maternity Balls are manufactured in Northern Italy with the highest quality and safest materials. Their unique peg legs make them stable, stationary, sanitary and portable.


I am obsessed with this thing!! I had back pain going into my second trimester and it was terrible. I sit at a desk all day so that doesn't help. I'll go home and do a few exercises on here or even sit on it when I'm watching tv for a little! I love it!!! The stands on the bottom are great for not rolling over which I am scared of because of the belly! But I recommend this product for everyone!! I can't wait to use it when my little one is born.

Gaby Staas

Stephanie Leny

I would not call my daughter a fussy baby, but she has her moments. Any time she gets worked up, the only thing that soothes settles her to sleep is the Baby Bump. There has never been a time that I have bounced on the ball, that she has not been soothed. I am actually amazed at the fact that it works every time. I've had the baby bump for a year and it's sustained wear and tear. Super easy to inflate and deflate. All around awesome baby product.

Stephanie Leny

This was one of my best baby item purchases! It was very comfortable while I was in my third trimester. It was the only thing that gave me any relief at home when labor started. We’ve used it everyday post partum because our infant loves to be held while we gently bounce on it (more than our rocking chair or anything else). The “legs” help it stay in place. It has lasted well. I’m so glad I found this!