Stages of Baby Bump


Use Baby Bump™ during your pregnancy to sit comfortably, get gentle exercise, change the position of your baby in late pregnancy, or practice labor positions. You can even use it to manage pain and discomfort during labor.

Soothing your baby is easy with Baby Bump™ ! Hold your baby high on your shoulder or face-down on your forearm while sitting on the Baby Bump and bounce away! The rhythmic bouncing helps to calm babies and the gentle pressure on their tummies can help with discomfort.

After Birth
During Labor

Give the back of your baby’s head a break in an effort to prevent flat spots from forming (something called “positional plagiocephaly”) and let your child explore new experiences in a fun and safe way by enhancing their tummy and play time with Baby Bump !

As your baby grows, playing with them on a Baby Bump™ is a fun way to help them strengthen postural muscles necessary for the development of motor skills and provides them with more opportunities for movement and sensory input. And older toddlers and young children love to ride, bounce, and kick them!

Toy for Toddler

Mom can even use the Baby Bump to get back in shape after pregnancy and parenthood! Get that pre-pregnancy six pack back by using Baby Bump™ in your regular workout routine! Getting back in shape with Baby BumpTM helps moms keep up with their growing babies and can relieve some of the stress of parenthood!