Birth of the Bump

Hi, I’m Sarah Drake, Founder and Owner of Baby Bump™.
When my sister had her first child, she came to visit me in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She and her husband tore themselves away from their two-week old baby boy while they went white-water river rafting. Nothing seemed to sooth my nephew EXCEPT when I would sit down at my desk (my chair was a fitness ball for posture). With baby Brookes cradled in a Bjorn on my chest, I would bounce gently while typing emails and Brookes would doze off in to deep sleep. It was obvious that the gentle bouncing on the ball mimicked the womblike motion that he was so used to!

For years obstetricians, doulas, midwives, mommy bloggers and mothers have recommended traditional fitness balls for prenatal health, to progress labor and to sooth your baby… but these traditional balls were either unsafe, unstable, rolling around the nursery, hard to carry from room to room or made in tacky colors. Right then I decided to create the Baby Bump to help mothers, like my sister (and me, an aspiring mommy), stay healthy during their pregnancy and keep their babies happy after their birth.

Baby Bumps are not your typical stability ball. They have 6 unique peg legs, come in the highest quality materials (burst proof, recyclable, Latex-BPA-Phalate-FREE and environmentally friendly) and are made in adorable colors to match your nursery.  And they are very easy to carry from room to room (while holding your baby) by grabbing one of the legs.  

As a sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter and friend, I am always seeking to help the women in my life. What an opportunity to support these women and new mothers (and fathers) than by creating a product that would make the bond between parents and their baby more healthy, harmonious and happy!

My goal, along with Baby Bump™, is to continue innovating and designing handy products for healthy bodies and happy babies!

I'd love to hear what you think of Baby Bumps!

With love,



My quick story

My life and career has revolved around 2 things: children and design. I graduated from Stanford in Brand Strategy/Design. When I wasn't studying, I was babysitting. In 1999, I actually started my first business, The Stanford Babysitter’s Club where local Palo Alto moms would contact me and I would connect them with qualified babysitters. After receiving my B.A., I went on to get my masters in Brand Strategy and Consumer Research. I became a Brand/Design Strategist for and Mini Cooper. Then with a small team I launched a non-profit in rural South Africa that focused on educating children about HIV using a patented, custom designed HIV testing device. After that non-profit was successfully up and running, I continued in non-profit design and helped build the development program at the local private school in Jackson Hole, WY. After 7 years at the school, I decided to break off on my own and invent Baby Bump, a product line that combines my love for children with my love for product design.