Meet the Parents

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Sarah Drake
Owner and Founder (Jackson Hole, WY)

My life and career has revolved around 2 things: children and design. I graduated from Stanford in Brand Strategy/Design. At Stanford I started a Babysitters Club (local Palo Alto moms would contact me and I would connect them with qualified babysitters). After graduation I became the Brand Strategist for (branding) and Mini Cooper (product design). Then I launched a non-profit in rural South Africa that focused on educating children about HIV using a testing device patented by my partner. After that was successfully up and running, I went on to build the development program at the Jackson Hole Community School. After 7 years working at the school, I decided to invent Baby Bump™, a product that combines my love for children with my love for product design.

our team

Brent Drake
Sales, Tech & Fitness Expert (Austin,TX)

Brent is our tech, sales and fitness guru. He has over 13 years of client-facing business development experience across large enterprise, communication, mobile development, manufacturing and rapid growth start-up environments. He has held leadership positions at Dell, Inc., LifeSize Communications, BestFit Mobile, Branded Brookes and Under Armour. He received his BA from Colorado College and his MBA from Univerity of Texas, Austin. It is an understatement to say that Brent is passionate about health and fitness as he is a competitive Ironman. Brent spends his free time volunteering with kids in programs such as Big Brother Little Brother.

susanna drake

Mommy of two boys
Graphic Designer and Artist

Susanna graduated from Bowdoin College in Maine and is graduate of the Gemolgoical Institute of America. She has worked as an artist and designer her entire career. However, her biggest passion and most important job thus far is being the mother of two wonderful boys, Brookes and Drake.