Using a Baby Bump during pregnancy can help to loosen up the pelvic joints and muscles in preparation for delivery. Sitting on a Baby Bump during the last few weeks of your pregnancy can actually help your baby get into the best position for birth. Although it's great to sit back and relax before your baby arrives, it's also very helpful for you to spend some time sitting upright, allowing gravity to do it's job.

Baby Bumps provide optimal benefits for the pregnant woman. In addition to strengthening the legs, back, and core muscles—which can condition the abdominal area involved in childbirth—Baby Bump can aid in relaxation, comfort, and physical relief. One of the biggest issues with carrying extra weight during pregnancy is the tendency to alter your normal posture which can put excess strain on rarely used muscles. A Baby Bump is good for exercising the deep, supportive muscles in the lower back and surrounding spine so you’ll have better posture and be less prone to backache and sciatica.

Baby Bumps can also offer just the right support for practicing birth positions including supported squats and kneeling on all fours. And it’s equally helpful for practicing the pelvic tilt, a key exercise for relaxing and opening up the pelvis.

Baby Bumps can also be used for massage and general relaxation. Because the ball is flexible, it gives when you sit on it, making it more comfortable than a chair. Using a Baby Bump can help a pregnant woman maintain balance and stability as her belly grows—and help keep abdominal muscles strong. Strong abdominals are important during the pushing phase of labor.

After the fourth month of pregnancy, many women often give up doing ab work on the floor because it can put pressure on the vena cava, a large vein which carries blood back to the heart. The weight of the uterus on this particular vein can cause a drop in blood pressure and reduced blood flow to the brain (and placenta), resulting in dizziness or nausea. Women who use Baby Bumps can work their abs longer into pregnancy because they’re not lying or relying on their back, but balancing on the ball. Another advantage to using a Baby Bump is that a woman can make the recovery phase shorter by staying fit during pregnancy!


  • “I love my Baby Bump;
    it is so comfortable to sit on
    when I’m doing work at my desk
    or even just sitting on it and
    watching television.” - Kim, (26 Weeks Pregnant) 

  • “It was almost the only
    comfortable place where I could sit,
    and I was sitting properly with good posture. It was much better than slouching in a couch or chair.” - Katie (32 weeks pregnant with twins)

  • “I used my Baby Bump to stay
    fit during pregnancy. I felt so
    heavy and my weight fell forward. I could use my Baby Bump to keep
    my back and core muscles working almost without noticing I was!” - Tracy (Mother of 2)